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The enclosed write up will help you understand better and operate the BlueWave, one of the most advanced Electric Instant Water Heaters in the world. It will describe and explain the various features of the BlueWave, which make it so special and exclusive:

Heating Set-Up
There are two options to choose from:

Power Selector
There are four positions:
Off - Cold Water.
Low - Warm temperature.
Medium - Comfortable temperature.
High - Hot temperature.
The power selector is activating two separate heating elements, so that the combination of both would give the desired water temperature.
For example a combination of 3 kW element and 4 kW element will give the sum of 7 kW heating power (low 3 kW, medium 4 kW, high 7 kW).

Step-less fine power tuning, which allow a personal adjustment of the heating volume by gradually moving the Power Selector.
Temperature Control
Temperature Control Knob The water flow rate will determine the outlet water temperature. The higher the flow the lower is the temperature at a given heating capacity.
For example: a comfortable shower temperature is 40C. The power selector and the flow control will ideally control the temperature at the point of use

Start - Stop Switch
Start Stop Switch This function allows the user to switch off the heater after the use and switch it on at the same setting of temperature and flow.
Fine tuning of water flow and heating level are usually required on a seasonal basis and not daily.

Electronic Temperature Setting
Electronic Setting the temperature on the unit, so that the heating capacity will be automatically adjusted to meet the desired heat level.
An optional Digital Temperature Readout (DTR) with up to four individual memories for repeat use of the family members.

Laser Shower Head
Electronic All the above features are perfectly combined with an advanced showerhead, which allows four spray settings for best personal adjustment.
By selecting the desired spray setting the water flow and the water temperature can be perfectly controlled.

Stabilzing Valve
Flow Stabilizer Controls the water flow and consequently the outgoing water temperature.
The uniqueness of this device is in its capability to maintain the set temperature regardless of the fluctuations in the surrounding water pressure levels, i.e. if in the neighboring rest room somebody flashes the water, the Stabilizing Valve will automatically adjust the water flow, so that the water temperature, at the heater outlet, will remain stable.
This is an exclusive development of Atmor, which is protected by Pat. pending.

Safety regulations & measures

The BlueWave is designed and made to meet the highest and most extreme safety demands and situations. As a result it believed to be one of the safest device in the market. Here is why:

ELCB 1. Mechanical ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker)
Prevents electric fire and personal casualty accident caused by personal electric shock or leakage of electrified wire netting. This switch is a current-operated, fast leakage protector of pure electromagnetic type, which can break off fault circuit rapidly in order to avoid occurrence of accident.
Atmor is using the mechanical ELCB, which is much more reputable and safer (compared to the electronic).

2. Pressure Release Valve (PRD)
Automatically release exceeding pressure from the system in order to protect the user and device from any pressure built up.

3. Splash Proof
In line with the international standard IPX4, the BlueWave is built to meet this strict demand.

4. Thermostat automatic cut off The thermostat is set to cut off the power at two temperature levels.
One, if the water temperature exceeds a level, which is too high for the user, in which case the thermostat will reset the unit for reuse.
The second one, if the water temperature is reaching a very high level, the thermostat will automatically cut off and will not reset prior to detailed examination of the unit, by a certified technician.

5. Drinking water
The BlueWave meets the WRAS (Water Regulation Advisory Scheme) BS 6920, so that the outcoming water is not contaminated by the heating process and remain drinkable.

International standards
The BlueWave complies with the BEAB, CB, CE, ISO 9002.
It meets other standards as well, yet no specific tests were made.

Hydro Electric Valve
This is a comfort feature, which enables the consumer to reuse the instant water heater without adjusting the water flow and the heat level again and again.
Usually the existing set is good for the whole season and should not be changed in every use (see also the Start ? Stop Switch, above)

Phased Shut Down
The water will run for a few seconds after the heater is being turned off.
The Phased Shut Down avoids overheated water if the unit is immediately reopened. For example, if the shower is turned off for a minute, for soaping, and then turned on again.
The Phased Shut Down will also reduce the formation of lime-scale and prolongs the life of the heater.

Unique Water Tank
Uniqe Tank Atmor is making its own water tank from composite plastic raw materials, which were developed in-house and its formula is confidentially kept.
Most other heaters are using copper tanks; as a result if and when the heating element has burned out, the whole heater must be replaced.
With Atmor heaters only the heating element is to be replaced.
By using composite plastic materials, instead of copper, the water heating is faster and the loss of energy is lower due to better insulation. As a side effect the components are not exposed to extreme temperature, compared to copper tank, and the shelf life of the BlueWave is longer.

The water inlet and the electric cable are accessible from three different directions: top, bottom, rear, so that the overall appearance is clean and neat.
Most other heaters can be installed only from the bottom of the unit.

Enviromentally friendly
The BlueWave is made mostly of recyclable materials, saves energy and space, much more durable that storage tank heaters, allows to drink the water, esthetic and good looking.

Universal Experience & Exposure
The BlueWave heater is based on the wide experience and exposure of Atmor to many markets in various countries all over the glob, in the last thirty-five years.
The very strict regulations and standards, as set by the leading standard institutes and labs, like the UL, BEAB, TUV and others, have been carefully applied and implemented. As a result the BlueWave is a state of the art instant water heater, which complies with the most severe safety requirements

Configuration: 3 Basic Models
ELCB - Optional    Available in different Styling and kW:3.0-10.kWkW

Tri Standard Deluxe


Power Selector
(Off, Low, Medium, High)


Power Selector
(Off, Low, Medium, High)
Stabilize Valve
(Min flow - Max flow)
Unit is activated by Power Selector
(Off-No Water, All other positions, Solenoid is activated - Including Phase Shut Down.


Power Selector
(Off, Low, Medium, High)
Stabilize Valve
(Min flow - Max flow)
Unit is activated by Start/Stop switch
Including Phase Shut Down.