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Platinum Tri Optima In-line
In-Line - Hidden Installation

Hidden Installation

The Atmor "In-Line" Heater is the "Esthetic Solution".
Installed below eye level and completely hidden.
The "In-Line" is connected to the water supply before the valve (no need for extra accessories).
The In-Line may also supply hot water to more than one point of use.

InLine Handwash

InLine Solo
For Sink
InLine Duo



8kW or 9.5kW

Further Information:

  • Gives more options for home-workplace or commercial installation.
  • Ideal for single outlet or shower & hand basin providing they are close together.
  • Heater is not supplied with tape ware or shower accessories. We recommend the use of pillar or central faucet taps and single shower stops with a low pressure or water saver rose. Atmor can supply suitable accessories.
  • Heater features built-in Pressure Release Valve and pack includes pressure reducing valve.
  • We recommend the use of flexi hoses on the inlet & outlet between "installed plumbing" and heater.

Code: INWH3LINE (3.5kw Unit)
Code: INWH5LINE (5kw Unit)
Code: INWH7LINE (7kw Unit)
Code: INWH8LINE (8kw Unit )
Code: INWH9LINE (9.5kw Unit)